Broa… dcast… in.. g

Well the second broadcast was not without a hiccup, but I did manage to pull it together. I ended up finding out that there was an audio issue that a viewer (the only viewer) informed me about. I spent some time getting to know him and he was pretty cool. This is not the final product, but I will hopefully have the broadcast hammered out by next Monday when the giveaway kicks off. I really had fun and gained a new follower. One small step for NightStalker101s and giant leap for new Twitch broadcasters!


An Identity

Indescriptive World

I’ve really been struggling to figure out what my identity as a Twitch broadcaster is and how my social media profiles should be promoting my image. I have literally had no idea what my brand is or is suppose to be as I have moved through the steps to become a broadcaster. I finally identified what the main game I am going to be playing, but I was still sending out junk on my social media related to suggested content for my “tags” I selected. I’ve realized that sending out crap suggestions just isn’t what I want to be known for when you think of NightStalker101s or Stealth Gaming Tactics. Through reading, questioning, and more reading I’ve identified a few keys to what I will be doing in my  social media.

When will I be broadcasting? This is one post I will send out prior to broadcasting and on scheduled timeframes to remind people when I will broadcast. I will no longer be asking people to follow me on my Twitch channel. I simply want to be given the opportunity to entertain  you.

Logitech and Nvidia releases and price drops will be announced if I see them because these are 2 brand names that I identify with strongly since I was a child. I will share articles related to these as well.

My blog and my recorded broadcasts. These are essential in getting others to connect to me as a gamer and as a broadcaster.

The last an most important part of my future social communications will be to identify as myself and not the corporation. I have been so caught up with trying to be the brand and sell the brand and figure out what the brand is that I forgot that I am what is being marketed and I don’t want to be a thing. I don’t want to be thought of as a thing or referred to as a thing. I am a person and I enjoy playing video games. I have crazy hobbies and enjoy entertaining others. This is the message I want to send to others. I want and hope that everyone will give me a chance to find out whether or not they enjoy my broadcast.

This also means that there will not be a great deal of social media posting for a few weeks while I build up what it is I want to share and create messages reflecting my recent epiphanies.