Try, try again!


I’m really excited right now! My broadcast really went over well tonight! I only had one person watching, but that is ok. The person didn’t even talk to me and even that is ok. The sound was working, the picture was working, the scenes changed effortlessly, and it was just great. I’m really looking forward to my next broadcast. I might end up changing games though because my cohort in crime has not been able to jump on regularly with me. Squad is not a hugely popular game and it doesn’t really have a following on Twitch. I will give Squad about a month before I decide to drop it.

On a side note,… I need to start jotting down all the funny things I think of in my head. Mostly, I think if I can have some of them written down to say it will improve my stream a great deal. I’ll be giving this a shot by the end of the week. I also want to start saying little tidbits and facts related to which ever game I am playing. It would be like “watch this guy with mad skills and learn some cool stuff about the game” kind of channel. I don’t know, but I’m really hyped about today’s broadcast.

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