How to Poll a Troll

Best Twitch Polling Setup


Today I found a really amazing polling feature that connects to your Twitch account and allows you to poll your viewers through the Twitch chatbox. Votes are given as a simple 1, 2, 3, or 4. The votes can also be given by typing the exact words for the answer (e.g. if answer one is yes, then typing yes would vote). The website is Twitch Poll Overlay and it is very easy to setup. The poll appears by adding a browser source to your OBS broadcast and lists the question and answers. I’m certain the poll can be used with other software as well, but as anyone knows… I’m all about that free! The poll is very aesthetically pleasing and opaqueness can be adjusted in OBS. Most importantly there are several different options for the graphics and text fonts used which gives the broadcaster a great deal of control over their presentation.

The most important reason for polling your viewers and followers is to get a better look at how you run your channel. Feedback is the key with everything and I’m really looking forward to getting feedback from the 2-3 viewers I’ve been getting at a time. I personally want to know what my viewers are thinking and what would make them more interested in sticking around.

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