The First Broadcast

When Everything Goes Wrong


My very first full broadcast went terribly! It was wretched by my standard. I had placed so much work into really hammering out how the broadcast would appear and function that when it wrong I was really bothered. Of course I laughed, and blew it off when I was online. Afterward I was really frustrated after weeks of rehearsing just what button to press when and briefly watching other peoples broadcasts which were fairly uneventful. The problem? I had changed my Logitech gaming profile for my mouse from default to Squad, which is the game I decided I would play. When you change one profile, you change both profiles. My keyboard switched to the Squad profile as well which was not setup for broadcasting. The keys no longer controlled OBS which caused my desktop volume to stay muted and made it so viewers could not hear the action in-game. It also left my mic muted which meant that I could not connect with my viewers. I figured it out in 20 minutes, but couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. This lead to a very unprofessional looking broadcast as I struggled to get my Overwolf Twitch chat app up on screen, back and forth between the desktop to manage OBS, and general silence as I struggled to play and fix everything going wrong.

One key I have learned is broadcasters have to stay interacting with their audience which is why my broadcast was really terrible by my standards. I was silent so often until toward the end of the broadcast that I lost the few viewers I managed to pull. Granted, most viewers probably don’t just jump at the opportunity to follow people, but if there was a shot there… it was definitely blown. I have learned a lot through the experience and have fixed the issues learned from my first broadcast. My next broadcast will be a beacon of hope for me and other people trying to capture the glory of getting signed as a Twitch partner or paid for playing games in general!

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