Unlike an Owl

Hootsuite is absolutely amazing! I wanted to discuss this more because I just found an interesting feature that suggests news and forums which you might want to share for each time and day you are interested in posting information. I currently have 4 days set to post and only 2 posts each day. If I don’t like the title, subject, or whatever about the suggestion I just click the refresh button and WALLAH!!!! “World of Warcraft ant eats Gollum while accidently blowing up the main boss” and… share lol. I’m not sure if CoSchedule or other application allow this, but Hootsuite comes in at a very affordable <$10 and packs $100 a month punch. Unlike an Owl, I will not be staying up all night trying to find cool and exciting things to share for my social media accounts. One click, plenty of suggestions. Another click, posted to all my social media accounts.


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