Dazzle or Die

Make your Twitch channel shine!


Well, this is day two of setting up my Twitch TV broadcast and making sure I’m really covering all of my bases. I’m going back and forth about which mass post social media site to use. The choice has less to do with what is offered and more to do with whether I’m willing to pay for excellence. I want to include in this post a number of websites if your a new streamer like me. These websites will get you heading in the right direction. They are as follows:

Twitch Overlay allows you to download some nice free images to overlay onto any stream or broadcast.

Pixabay allows you to download some free pictures to use for whatever the reason. I personally used them for creating this blog.

Screaming Bee is a free voice changing software which works with OBS if you set it up correctly.

Sound Bible is what I have used for in game sound bites when I am killed or something funny happens. They are free as long as you credit the sound bite creator.

CoSchedule allows you to post ONE post to all of your social media sites all at once. No more typing the same post over and over again to each site individually. You can also choose to: only post to one site, schedule posts for the best time per social media site, and other cool stuff. This costs $39 a month each month or $30 dollars a month for the year.

Hootsuite does what CoSchedule does, but is free at the base option.

OBS or Open Broadcasting Software is the meat and potatoes of my dream to become a highly watched Twitch streamer. This software allows you to post overlays while streaming and make just cool stuff happen. The best part…. ITS FREE!!!! XD

Streamlabs allows you to setup an in stream alert when followers do things… like follow you. A big notice comes up and lets everyone know what happened. It must be used in conjunction with OBS because it doesn’t work as an overlay system. It’s more like an extension.

Google is necessary for setting up the calendar as seen on the bottom of my homepage and in the “sidebar” of my blog page.

This wraps up this post for now. This is not meant to be an all inclusive guide, but I am pretty sure I will go into more depth for each one of these websites or software applications. Thanks for reading!

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