Try, try again!

I’m really excited right now! My broadcast really went over well tonight! I only had one person watching, but that is ok. The person didn’t even talk to me and even that is ok. The sound was working, the picture was working, the scenes changed effortlessly, and it was just great. I’m really looking forward to my next broadcast. I might end up changing games though because my cohort in crime has not been able to jump on regularly with me. Squad is not a hugely popular game and it doesn’t really have a following on Twitch. I will give Squad about a month before I decide to drop it.

On a side note,… I need to start jotting down all the funny things I think of in my head. Mostly, I think if I can have some of them written down to say it will improve my stream a great deal. I’ll be giving this a shot by the end of the week. I also want to start saying little tidbits and facts related to which ever game I am playing. It would be like “watch this guy with mad skills and learn some cool stuff about the game” kind of channel. I don’t know, but I’m really hyped about today’s broadcast.

Broa… dcast… in.. g

Well the second broadcast was not without a hiccup, but I did manage to pull it together. I ended up finding out that there was an audio issue that a viewer (the only viewer) informed me about. I spent some time getting to know him and he was pretty cool. This is not the final product, but I will hopefully have the broadcast hammered out by next Monday when the giveaway kicks off. I really had fun and gained a new follower. One small step for NightStalker101s and giant leap for new Twitch broadcasters!

Soul Searching

The Internal Struggle

I’m really trying to figure out who I am and how I should be when broadcasting my Twitch channel. The general advice is to be yourself, but several recommendations are to be more of yourself than you normally are on a regular bases. I guess the technical phrase is to “release your inhibitions” and maybe “feel the rain your skin.” Heeding this advice, I have been trying to figure out who I normally am and what parts of me do I inhibit that I think would be the best parts of me to put on display when broadcasting. I know I’m pretty punny when I want to be, but I don’t pun around very often. I’m pretty sarcastic, but I’m really genuine. I’m nerdy/geeky, but I’m not enough of either to fit into those categories. It has left me with this unsure and hesitant stance on how I should show my personality while streaming. I’m really over the top with my hobbies and this is the only thing that I know for certain. My over the top nature is present through my outfit, voice morphing, and sound bites setup for my broadcast. It is also obvious with my entire broadcast overlay graphics. I’m really hoping to narrow this down and really genuinely be me, but be more of me than normal. The part of me that I love, but hide to avoid daily stares of awe from my ridiculousness. If your watching my channel, feel free to let me know your personal thoughts.

P.S. I refer to my channel as “The Bunker” now for multiple reasons, but the original reason isn’t that I was playing Squad which is a warfare game. Originally I was going to play EVE, Ark, or Payday. The real reason is much more obscure, but that is for another time…

How to Poll a Troll

Best Twitch Polling Setup

Today I found a really amazing polling feature that connects to your Twitch account and allows you to poll your viewers through the Twitch chatbox. Votes are given as a simple 1, 2, 3, or 4. The votes can also be given by typing the exact words for the answer (e.g. if answer one is yes, then typing yes would vote). The website is Twitch Poll Overlay and it is very easy to setup. The poll appears by adding a browser source to your OBS broadcast and lists the question and answers. I’m certain the poll can be used with other software as well, but as anyone knows… I’m all about that free! The poll is very aesthetically pleasing and opaqueness can be adjusted in OBS. Most importantly there are several different options for the graphics and text fonts used which gives the broadcaster a great deal of control over their presentation.

The most important reason for polling your viewers and followers is to get a better look at how you run your channel. Feedback is the key with everything and I’m really looking forward to getting feedback from the 2-3 viewers I’ve been getting at a time. I personally want to know what my viewers are thinking and what would make them more interested in sticking around.

Killer Intro

Win Movie Maker

I recently created a quick intro video for my stream which you can view here. It took all of 5 seconds when I finally found a free copy of Windows Movie Maker to create my intro. The actual video consists of one 20 second video cut into about six to eight 4 second segments. I alternated between the empty chair 4 second video and one of five videos of me putting on my face mask and sitting down. I then used some Windows Movie Maker effects and chose a song which I am now thinking I forgot to credit. There will be a credit added to the information about the video for the song I used. That was it and I really feel like the effect and music was perfect for my needs. Simple, free, cool, and time friendly!

$30 Worth of Gift Cards

Smoke’em if You’ve Gott’em

I’m excited to announce that I will be giving away three $10 gift cards randomly to 3 lucky followers! Each time I hit a tier for new followers it will result in a $10 gift card give away (up to $30) to someone at random who meets the following criteria:

  1. Are actively viewing the broadcast at the time of the giveaway
  2. Are currently a follower of my Twitch channel at the time of the giveaway
  3. Actively have spoken at least once in the channel chatbox since the beginning of the broadcast
  4. Giveaways will be triggered at the (tier 1) 5 Subscribed Followers, (tier 2) 15 Subscribed Followers, and(tier 3) 25 Subscribed Followers.

DON’T WAIT TO FOLLOW ME!!! If you have Twitch installed on your phone or email notifications on through your Twitch account, you will receive a notification that will tell you when I am broadcasting. This will give you the best advantage to be present when the viewers/followers are randomly drawn for the prize. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook where I will post ahead of time that I am going live.

Additionally, keep in mind that I am not a corporation of some crazy business. You will need to send me an address that I may address the gift card too and the rules of this giveaway are subject to change at any time.